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 Darren, Islington, North London
‘Great service, very informative technician, will recommend to others’.


Paul, Chiswick, West London
‘Very efficient service and comprehensive treatment for bed bugs, problem gone after initial treatment, thank you.

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 Quick Facts

 Reported incidences of bed bugs are increasing by over 500% in major cities
 Bed Bugs can survive up to 18 months without food
 Bed bugs have been around for thousands of years – in 1930’s one third of all London homes were infested with bedbugs

BedBugs Photo Gallery

Here is a selection of bed bug pictures :

  • Adult bed bug feeding
  • Bed bug centre view
  • Bed bug close up Bed bug bed infestation
  • Bed bug eggs hatching
  • Bed bug feces on seam of mattress
  • Bed bug on mattress seam
  • Bed bug bed inspection
  • Bed bug bed label
  • Bed bug under screw on bedside cabinet
  • Bed bug inspection technician
  • Bed bug treatment
  • Bed bug bite

     24 hr Expert Advice from Senior Surveyor on  079 4387 5884
     Buzz of the Month
     New Bed Bugs Monitors now launched in the UK, known as ‘BB Alert’ – A excellent way to detect bed bug infestation in rooms in just 12-24 hours – product is NOW AVAILABLE to purchase from us
     Bed Bugs infestations are now starting to increase as the weather is getting colder
     Safety First
     In homes with young children, clients with medical conditions or pests, we have special instructions and preparation procedures for safe treatment
     Full COSHH (Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulation) assessment is undertaken before commencement of all treatments
     All pesticides that we use are approved under The Control of Pesticides Regultion 1986
     For added peace of mind our services are covered by £10m public liability insurance
    Bed Bugs Information (Click Below)
     Bed Bugs Information Centre
     Bed Bugs In The News
     Bed Bugs Photo Gallery
     Infestation of Week
     This week we have been called out to treat this flat in Central London, where an elderly gentleman lives.
     There were in excess of 5000 eggs and 500 live bed bugs found crawling around the place.
     The bed sheet and duvet was covered with eggs and bedbugs as it can be seen from the pictures below :

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