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 Quick Facts

 Reported incidences of bed bugs are increasing by over 500% in major cities
 Bed Bugs can survive up to 18 months without food
 Bed bugs have been around for thousands of years – in 1930’s one third of all London homes were infested with bedbugs

Commercial Treatments - Protecting your business and goodwill

Bed bugs infestations in commercial properties like hotels and hostels can cause loss to a business in a number of ways including:

  Property damages – bed bugs excrement on furniture
  Loss of business goodwill / bad business publicity

All of these can have devastating effect on any business and in some cases stop the business from trading.

To help businesses protect themselves from bed bug problems we offer two types of services:
  Non-contract / ad-hoc services - call us when you have a problem
  Contract based services - we proactively manage your business premises and protect it against bed bugs outbreak

Whichever service type you choose, we promise to deliver the following to all our clients:
• Environmentally friendly pest control solutions
• BPCA trained and experienced technicians
• Professional and friendly customers service
• Full survey of the property to find the source of the problem
• Information and advise on the bed bugs
• Efficient service
• Competitive price – our price is guaranteed to offer the best value to our customers
• Fast response, usually within 1 hour
• No call-out charge
• No extra charge for evening and weekend appointments
• Totally discreet service – we arrive in unmarked vehicles and plain clothes uniform

Our commercial bed bugs services broadly spread across three main areas:

 Bed Bugs Prevention Consultancy
o We produce tailored report for the client on bed bugs prevention procedures and strategies
o We also offer training for client’s house-keeping team

 Bed Bugs Detection Service
o We have a dedicated bed bugs screening team that can carry out visual survey of a large number of rooms in a short time to identify bed bugs infestations

 Treatment and Control
o We have BPCA trained and RSPH certified technicians that carry out all the treatments using a unique treatment process which enables us to eradicate the bed bugs effectively and efficiently from the client’s premises. To substantiate the creditability of our service we offer all our clients 6 Months Unlimited Treatments Guarantee, which is the UK’s longest guarantee period for bed bugs treatment.

Non-contract / ad-hoc services

For one-off bed bugs problems / ad-hoc services that needs to be resolved fast and efficiently, email or call us now on 0800 619 0055 and we will take care of it straightaway, often responding in less than 1 hour, with priority call-outs for emergencies

Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year without exception. So no matter how big or small bed bugs problem you may be experiencing we will always be at hand to help.

Our prices are the most competitive in the industry, coupled with our efficient solutions and professional customer service – you simply can’t get better!

Contract based services

Our contract based bed bugs control solutions can help to minimize/eliminate bed bugs infestation at your business premises through a tailored pest control package that will be specifically designed for your business needs, ensuring that you only pay for the pest protection cover that you need and not waste money on elements that you may never use.

By having a contract based bed bugs control solution from us, will deliver your business the following benefits:
• Pest prevention advise to stop the infestation occurring in the first instance
• Continuous premises surveying, monitoring and reporting
• Minimizing/eliminating any health and safety risks to your staff and guests as bed bug bites can cause itching and a nuisance
• Minimizing/eliminating infestation to valuable furnitures
• Reassurance of having a specialist pest control company at hand if problems arise - 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week / 365 days of the year
• Stress and hassle free pest solutions
• Integrated Pest Control Management procedures
• Scheduled visit times and dates for property inspections – rooms can often be re-occupied the same day
• Flexible contracts
• Fixed costs
• Fully documented survey reports are filed at the client’s premises as well as our office
• Deliver total peace of mind

We currently have 97% retention rate of all our contracts – which is extraordinary for the industry, to find out how we can help you and how much you could be saving with our contract services call 0800 619 0055 or email us now !

Our 7 Pioneering Steps to Bed Bugs pest control / Bed Bugs treatment

1. For bed bugs treatment, we initially undertake full visual survey of the property to understand the level of the infestation and how widely it has spread across the property, we lookout for:
o Bed bugs, eggs and faecal deposits
o Bed bugs may shelter in a wide range of places, including:
 Tufts, seams, buttons and folds of mattresses
 Box spring, bed frames and covers
 Couches, chairs, bedside tables, lamps. telephones and radios
 Window and door moldings
 Cushions and curtains
 Behind wallpapers and pictures
 Within book bindings
 Cracks in hardwood flooring
 Under carpets and between walls and tack strips
 Inside electric plug sockets and switches
 Luggage, wheelchair and boxes

2. Education of the customer

3. We then advise the client on the relevant preparation they need to undertake – we have information leaflets that we will email to clients prior to the treatment date

4. We then undertake the bed bugs treatment using a special residual based insecticide spray to treat all the affected areas – the chemical has two main features:
o Immediate contact kill of the bed bugs
o Growth inhibitors to stop the development of egg through nymphal stages to adult. IGR’s will help to create stasis in the population, meaning any bed bugs that resist the killing agents will be halted in their development process i.e. eggs will not hatch, nyphs will not molt and not make adulthood

5. We then undertake fumigation/spraying treatment of the affected areas using a Ultra Low Volume machine to kill, excite and draw-out the bedbugs from the cracks and crevices of the property

6. For longer-term continuation of the bed bugs treatment, we advise clients not to vacuum or clean the carpets and soft furnishing for the next 14 days, so that the micro-capsules that are left by the insecticide spray can continue to kill the bed bugs that come to contact with it

7. We then repeat the same bed bugs treatment 14 days later

And of course, all the above is enhanced using our unique and confidential methods of treatment that has been gained through years of experience in treating bed bugs in thousands of properties.

For more detailed information about the above, please email or call is on 0800 619 0055.

We offer FREE pest identification service and information leaflets on bed bugs. If you would like a copy, please visit the ‘Introduction to Bed Bugs & Photo Gallery’ section of the website. Alternatively, if you have an appointment booked with one of our pest control technicians, they will supply you with information leaflet on bed bugs as standard part of our service.


Quality Control & Satisfaction Guarantee

For quality control and your reassurance, we are full members of UK’s Pest Control industry’s trade bodies Our membership with these organisation means, our business is fully insured and complaint with all the relevant UK legislations. Our services, treatments and communication are governed by trade body’s code of conduct therefore as a customer you can rest assured that you will be receiving the highest possible customer service with guaranteed customer satisfaction and best pest control results.

 24 hr Expert Advice from Senior Surveyor on  079 4387 5884
 Buzz of the Month
 New Bed Bugs Monitors now launched in the UK, known as ‘BB Alert’ – A excellent way to detect bed bug infestation in rooms in just 12-24 hours – product is NOW AVAILABLE to purchase from us
 Bed Bugs infestations are now starting to increase as the weather is getting colder
 Safety First
 In homes with young children, clients with medical conditions or pests, we have special instructions and preparation procedures for safe treatment
 Full COSHH (Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulation) assessment is undertaken before commencement of all treatments
 All pesticides that we use are approved under The Control of Pesticides Regultion 1986
 For added peace of mind our services are covered by £10m public liability insurance
Bed Bugs Information (Click Below)
 Bed Bugs Information Centre
 Bed Bugs In The News
 Bed Bugs Photo Gallery
 Infestation of Week
 This week we have been called out to treat this flat in Central London, where an elderly gentleman lives.
 There were in excess of 5000 eggs and 500 live bed bugs found crawling around the place.
 The bed sheet and duvet was covered with eggs and bedbugs as it can be seen from the pictures below :

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